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Solar Panels


Development of Wind and Solar Plants

HEG arises in 2013 where we began to develop two wind projects with a potential of 250 Mega Watts (MW)

Today, we are developing 800 MW where we carry out the areas of:

- Wind Viability.

- Study and Resource Monitoring.

- Design and Development of renewable projects.

- Financial Structuring (equity and debt).

- Operation and Maintenance.

Sale of Solar Energy To Commercial Businesses

It is proven that the renewable resources industry help attract each day more customers to the commercial and large hotel businesses, industries, among others. HEG offers customers a free installation of solar panels at its facilities in exchange for buying electricity produced by solar plant. The characteristics of this proposal are:

  1. Energy sales 10-15% cheaper than the current company.

  2. Electrical safety and certainty of future costs.

  3. 0% annual increase.

  4. Advertising and Renewable image.

  5. More market acceptance.

Developed Projects

Our consortium has developed over 4,300 MW across the world where we can outstand the following projects:

  • Dañu 1 - 128 MW (Mexico).

  • Dañu 2 - 100 MW (Mexico).

  • Ka´i Solar - 5 MW (Mexico).

  • Comercial & Industrial - 10 MW (Guatemala).

  • Emelco Solar - 1.2 MW (Aruba).

  • Col Solar - 4 MW (Colombia).

Projects Under Development

We currently are developing more than 20 projects in Mexico, Colombia, Aruba, Guatemala and Curaçao.

  1. 800 MW Solar plants under development.

  2. Currently 12 commercial rooftops in Aruba for 1.2 MW.

  3. Utility plant of 5 MW in Aruba.

  4. 5 Commercial rooftops in Colombia for a total of 4 MW and 750 kw per store.

  5. Industrial rooftop  for 10 MW in Guatemala.

Solar Panels


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